About Science Focus Limited

Science Focus Limited is a science education resources and lab supplies company that offers strategic sourcing solutions to help clients effectively carry out their sourcing strategies and achieve their specific targets.

We have our office in Beijing China, with extensive supply base strategically located in coastal areas of the country. Our 120 plus long-term suppliers enable us to cover the whole spectrum of science education and lab supply products and provide resourceful, high quality product development services.

Included in our current client base are companies in the retail, home-schooling and wholesale market of educational resources in North America, Europe and South Asia. Over the years of serving and building relationships with our clients, we gained valuable insight into the expectations of our clients as well as end users. In addition to sourcing, we also helped develop many customized products, which in turn, expanded our knowledge about product range and application.

Our focus is to help you achieve your specific targets - whether it is further reduction of replacement costs, more efficient sourcing management, flexible order quantities, or reducing defect rates. Thank you for your interest in our company, contact us now to find out more about our services.

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