Importing and Shipping

We provide full logistics service to our clients. Our expertise in import/export related government regulations, transportation alternatives, and logistics planning enables us to ensure on-time delivery, save shipping costs, avoid customs delays, and reduce exposure to non-compliance fines and seizures.

You may expect the following from us.

1. Flexible Transportation Alternatives
Depending on your specific needs, time constraints, and cost considerations, we can arrange a variety of shipping alternatives, that include ocean freight, air freight, or railway transportation (if destination is in certain European countries or Asian countries).
We can deliver to your designated port (sea port or air port), or we can deliver to your warehouse door if you prefer.

2. Savings on Shipping Costs

It is our goal to choose the most economic transportation arrangements for you while satisfying your time constraints and specific shipping requirements. Unlike some companies that mark up on shipping charges, the favorable shipping rates we get from our forwarders are exactly the same fee we will charge you.
Most of our suppliers and manufacturers are strategically selected because of their proximity to major ports in China, where we can enjoy faster and cheaper inland transportation, and favorable port charges.

3. Accurate Cost Estimates

Sometimes, our clients need to know in advance an accurate estimate of shipping costs for different shipping alternatives (eg., ocean freight vs. air freight, or full container vs. partial container) so they can weigh the benefits and disadvantages of each alternative and make sound business decisions.
We typically spread all the shipping related costs into your product unit price in terms of FOB, CNF, CIF or DDU and DDP. However, if you prefer, costs can be listed as separate line items detailing port charges, customs clearance fees, ocean/air freight, insurance, etc. for your reference.

4. Compliance with Regulations

Lack of understanding of government import/export policies and regulations can lead to customs delays and fines. Our in-house logistics expert ensures that customs declarations are always filed correctly in China, and necessary certificates are obtained for export. For destination countries, we also understand the necessary documents/information (eg. U.S. ISF “10+2” and certificate of origin for some countries) to submit.

5. Assistance for First-time Importers

If you have never imported from overseas countries before, we can give you a crash course and walk you through the whole process. Our logistics expert is standing by to answer all your questions and provide you with step by step instructions.

6. Choice of Forwarders

We have established long-term relationships with several forwarders here in China that give us favorable shipping rates. However, if you feel more comfortable using your own cargo agent, we will be glad to make logistics arrangements through your designated forwarder.

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