Order Fulfillment

We will walk you through a typical order fulfillment process below to show you how your orders will be executed and how proper controls are placed to ensure quality and on-time delivery.

1. Order Received and Confirmed

After we receive your order, we will confirm prices, quantities and specifications with you by sending you a proforma invoice (PI). If necessary, other important details such as special packaging requirements, customized configuration, and logo printing, etc. will be re-confirmed in separate documents.
Lead time and delivery date will also be confirmed at this stage.

2. Production Arranged

Immediately after we confirm the order with you, productions will be arranged with our suppliers and manufacturers. We will send our manufacturers detail product specification documents, which will also be confirmed via phone calls and subsequent regular follow ups.

3. Regular Updates During Production

Through out the production period, we will regularly follow up with our suppliers to obtain production status and confirm specifications are fully met. Critical product features and easy-to-make mistakes will be emphasized again with suppliers during this stage. For large orders, mid-production inspections will also be conducted. You will be kept updated on progress.

4. Product Inspection and Report

All products will be inspected by us before we ship them out. AQL Level II is our default standard for devising sampling plans. We can also use a standard of your choosing. Inspection results and pictures will be sent to you for confirmation before shipment is arranged.
For products that need material safety tests, randomly selected samples will be sent to 3rd party labs to be tested, and test reports will be sent to you.

5. Shipping Arranged

After receiving your approval of product inspection reports, we will arrange for the shipment to be sent to you via ocean freight or air freight, whichever you choose. Your shipment can be either arranged to be sent to your designated port or directly to your warehouse door.
If you are not familiar with import/export procedures and international shipping, we can walk you through the basic steps and provide full service and advice throughout the process. If you wish, we can also recommend forwarder/customs clearance agents in your city to help you with shipping and import customs clearance.

6. Follow Up

After you receive the shipment, we will follow up with you so we can receive important feedbacks from you regarding product quality and our service for future improvements. If there are any product issues, we also would like to be informed as soon as possible and take necessary steps to resolve them to your satisfaction.

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