Our Supply Base

We have a strong supply network of over 120 different manufacturers, about 40 of which are our core suppliers. This supply base consists of factories that were carefully tried and selected over the years. To a large extent, the quality of our service and products depends on the performance of our supply network.

Our supply base is extremely effective not simply for its large number of factories, but also because it was strategically designed to achieve the following benefits that are key to our ability to provide superior service and products.

- Complete Range

We cover the entire range of science education resources. Most of our suppliers (about 80%) are specialized science education products manufacturers, and some are general-purpose products factories (about 20%), whose products can be used for science education purposes.

- Supplier Competency

Different factories (even the ones making similar products) have different strengths and weaknesses. With our extensive supply base, we are able to select the right manufacturers whose specific competencies best match our clients’ needs and particular situations.

- Strong Supplier Relationships

We started doing business with our core suppliers from as early as 2003. Over the years and after many successful projects and some difficult ones, we have built up strong mutually trusting and supportive relationships, that enable us to negotiate better prices and flexible order quantities, and get priority for our fulfillment needs. In addition, our factories are very supportive when we need to develop new products.

- Combined Efforts of Suppliers

Our supply base is very well balanced and has manufacturers of different sizes, capacities, and ways of production. We have suppliers of science education products as well as packaging materials and raw materials. In certain situations, this combination of well balanced suppliers enables us to combine the efforts of different suppliers to achieve success for otherwise difficult projects. This advantage is especially important for developing innovative new products, when we need to take great amount of initiative to find the right manufacturers, right materials, and suitable packaging suppliers, and connect their efforts together to create the new products and make them cost-effective at the same time.

- Strategic locations

Locations of suppliers have significant impact on logistics, product prices, and project control. Most of our suppliers are located in an East China region (southern Jiangsu province and north Zhejiang province), which are close to the port of Shanghai and the port of Ningbo. Shipments from this area can arrive at ports on the same day. This significantly reduces our inland shipping time and costs, which we transfer to our clients. Since the inland transportation distance is short, there is also much less risk in damaging the shipments during transportation. A few of our suppliers are in Northern China and Southern China, but they are also located near sea ports.

Since most of our suppliers are clustered in East China, each within, from half hour to a few hours of driving distance from each other, it allows us to conduct quality inspections quicker, cheaper and more frequently and have tighter control over production. This directly translates into higher product quality and cheaper product prices for our clients.

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