Our Team

The experience and expertise of our team are the single most important factor that ensures the quality of our products and services. With so many different products to provide, large supply base to work with, and complex production and logistics coordination to make, there are plenty opportunities to identify new ways of improving efficiency, quality and saving costs, as well as many pitfalls for mistakes.

Before starting up Science Focus, the two founders of the company had years of experience in project management and running sourcing teams of various sizes. They fully appreciate how critical the competency of the team is to the success of a sourcing project and how overlooking a seemingly unimportant detail can lead to serious problems and even disaster for the client. This is why, in Science Focus, our team all have adequate knowledge, training and experience – we do not risk your projects by letting armatures handle them.

Key areas of our competency include:

- Product knowledge and development
- Material safety and testing
- Packaging design
- Quality control and sampling
- Cost analysis and minimization
- Logistics operations
- Import and export procedures

We also place equal emphasis on customer service, and everyone in our team understands that our clients need us to be responsive, detailed-oriented, precise, and think ahead for them and really listen. We are standing by and look forward to serving you soon.

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