Payment Terms

The preferred currency we will accept is USD. If specially agreed, we may also accept Euro or HK Dollars. Our standard payment terms are listed below.

1. For orders under $5,000, full amount needs to be received before we start production for you.

2. For order over $5,000 and below $200,000, 30% deposit needs to be received before we arrange production for you,     and the remaining 70% needs to be paid after products are dispatched and B/L issued. (We will send you a copy of     B/L, and after we receive your payment, we will release the B/L to you either by sending you the original document or     by telex release.)

3. For orders over $200,000, we will discuss and agree on payment terms on a case by case basis.

The standard payment method we prefer is wire transfer. However, in certain circumstances, Letter of Credit (L/C) and Document against Payment (D/P) can also be arranged.

The above is our standard payment policy which is applicable in most cases. However, if you are new to international trade (we understand it does need a great leap in faith) and have questions or special needs, please feel free to discuss with us.

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