Product Development

Developing new products is very important for most of our clients to keep their competitive edge and better satisfy their customers. To provide you the best support and service in creating your new product lines, we are willing to invest our time, be resourceful, and, sometimes, share certain costs.

New products can be in the form of innovatively designed science kits with creative combinations of products from our existing product lines. These kits can have your customized packaging like color boxes, header cards, blister cards, special hold trays, etc. In addition, we can also help you make entirely new products that sometimes require new molds. In the past, we have helped our clients make a wide variety of new products ranging from simple customized plastic rulers, mass sets, insect nets, plastic funnels and cylinders, thermometer clamps to more sophisticated products like microscopes.

To make a product development project successful, it is critical that 1. We work with the right manufacturers and have their full cooperation and support. 2. We can keep the development cost at reasonable levels. Our experience, long-term relationships with manufacturers, and supply base of over 120 factories give us a huge advantage in manufacturer selection, price negotiation, and support from our suppliers.

If you have any new product ideas in mind, please contact us at service@science-focus.com and we can start discussing about it.

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