Services Overview

Science Focus Limited offers the most comprehensive product range, but it is our services that will ensure the success of your every order and project. We offer a full suite of services that include product development, quality control/inspection, material safety testing, import/export assistance, and logistics arrangement.

To bring more value to our clients, we focus on 3 key aspects.

Cost to us means both the prices of individual products and overall sourcing costs. Because of our mature supply base and in-depth know-how of the industry, our item-by-item prices are already the most competitive. However, we realize that much more savings can be achieved if we analyze your sourcing needs as a whole and take advantage of overall reduced order processing costs, optimized production timing, cost sharing across different products, and smarter logistics arrangements. Learn more about our cost saving plans from the Strategic Sourcing section.
Long lead times, dragging project schedules, and unexpected delays often cost both money and market opportunities. At Science Focus, each project or order will be carefully planned, aggressively but realistically scheduled, and tightly tracked. We will regularly evaluate the project and keep you updated on the progress and important issues, so you can dynamically adjust your plan and decisions accordingly.
We focus on both the quality of our products, and the quality of our services. To us, the quality of products means conforming to the exact specifications, consistency across production runs, material safety, keeping defect rate under agreed-upon limits, and no unapproved changes to products, configuration, labeling and packaging. On the other hand, the quality of our service, which is characterized by precise communication, quick response, planning ahead, resourcefulness, and meticulousness, lays much of the groundwork that ensures our product quality.
In addition to the three main focuses above, we tailor our services to the needs of different groups of clients. Please go to the Strategic Sourcing section and Smaller & Irregular Orders section to learn the unique benefits of these two approaches. Our quality control and material safety procedures are explained in detail in the QC and Material Safety section.

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