Smaller and Irregular Orders

Science Focus Ltd. handles smaller and irregular orders with the same care and responsiveness as with large and regular orders because all orders are important to our clients. For science resources retailers that carry limited inventories or need to pilot a new product, our lowest order quantities are flexible enough to make direct importing possible for them. Specific minimum order quantities will depend on the particular product, but we would like to give you some typical examples in the following table.

Minimum Order Quantities for Some Products
Product Name Quantity
Student Microscope 5
Acrylic Life Cycle of Insect 10
Animal Skeleton Display 20
Bug Viewer 80
Spring Scale 100
Children’s Compass 300
Magnifier 300
Beewax 200 (pack)
Rock and Mineral Set 50
Triple Beam Balance 20

We understand that, regardless of sizes of the orders, one important reason for you to import products directly instead of obtaining them from local distributors/wholesalers is to significantly reduce replacement costs. Thus, even for the smaller orders, we still maintain very competitive prices that will make your direct importing worthwhile.

Sometimes, smaller orders also needs to be placed with long time intervals in between (eg. once a year or longer). When you need to order products irregularly like this, the next time you need to order, you will not need to re-educate us about your specific product requirements. We document all details about your each product and each order, and this will greatly speed up order processing for you.

We consider smaller and irregular orders as an important need of our clients. By helping fulfill these orders, we help you to be more competitive. If needed, we are willing to invest the time to support you for the long-run and move forward with you one-step at time.

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