Science Focus Ltd. is expert in science education resources and lab supplies, serving companies with product sourcing and development needs. We focus on 6 categories of product lines: Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Earth Science & Astronomy, Microscopes, and General Lab ware, and carries over 1,700 different items in our standard product range.

Whether you are a large science/lab resource provider, innovative home schooling retailer, lab supply wholesaler or school, you will probably find most products you need already listed in our trade catalog. If not, it is most likely that we can still provide or help develop.

Located in China with an international perspective, we combine the strength of our extensive supply base with our expertise to save you more time, cost, and achieve your targets. Find out below how we do that.

We Focus on the Most Critical Aspects of Sourcing

Quicker Product Search and Development
  • Supply base of over 120 manufacturers, 40 of which are our core suppliers.
  • Suppliers covering all the product ranges in science education and lab supply.
  • Long-term, close, relationships with our suppliers (most over 6 years) to ensure   we are more flexible and resourceful in order quantity, product development,   urgent request handling.
  • Expert knowledge of how factories are run, and what can be done and what   cannot be done.
Deeper and Smarter Cost Reduction
  • Most competitive prices on item by item basis and for smaller orders.
  • Annual overall cost reduction target setting for clients who establish long-term   relationships with us.
  • haring of product development costs.
Product and Material Safety
  • Understanding of CPSIA and EN 71 regulations about lead and phthalate limits.
  • Understanding of relevant regulations about packaging and labeling.
  • Strict internal guidelines and procedures about product testing and sampling.
  • All product testing done through 3rd-party labs like SGS or Intertek.
Being in Control
  • Regular updates and tightly tracked schedules.
  • No unapproved changes to any product detail or schedule.
  • QC reports and sample approving.
  • Arrangement of shipping, importation, and customs clearance if needed.

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